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Burgers (Angus Beef Patty)


Falls Brand bacon, american cheese, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions (add Bacon $2)

Popper burger

Angus beef patty, pepperjack cheese, jalapeno poppers, lettuce,tomato and garlic mayo

Spicy Burger

Sweet and spicy onion jam, mozzarella, garlic mayo, lettuce, and tomato

Grilled Cheese Burger

BBQ sauce, garlic mayo, tomato, cheddar, grilled onions, sandwiched between two basic grilled cheeses

Japanese Burger

Garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions sautéed in a sweet and savory Asian sauce, mozzarella, and a creamy wasabi sauce

Grilled Cheese

Bacon Grilled

Falls Brand bacon, American cheese, grilled, onions on toasted sourdough

Pizza Grilled

Pepperoni, basil pesto, mozzarella on garlic parmesan crusted sourdough, served with marinara

Regular Grilled

American cheese on toasted sourdough

Dogs (1/4lb all beef hot dogs)

Bacon Dog

Falls Brand bacon, cheddar, grilled onions and garlic mayo

Spicy Dog

Sweet and Spicy onion jam, garlic mayo and diced tomato

Basic Dog

Served plain or with ketchup, mustard, relish, and grilled onions



Crispy smoked pork belly, lettuce, tomato and siracha mayo on grilled sourdough


Crispy Falls Brand bacon, lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo on toasted sourdough


Philly steak, grilled peppers and onions and spicy cheese sauce on a grilled hoagie

Japanese Philly

Philly Steak, Onions and peppers sautéed in a sweet and savory Asian sauce, topped with garlic mayo and a creamy wasabi sauce.


BBQ Pork Fries

Smoked pork with grilled onions, served on garlic fries, topped with siracha mayo and bbq sauce

Cheeseburger Fries

Garlic fries topped with cheese sauce, angus beef, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and crispy pickle chips

Philly Fries

Philly steak, grilled peppers and onions on crispy fries, topped with spicy cheese sauce

Large Fry

Cajun garlic fry

Quench that Thirst




Biscuits and Gravy

Buttermilk biscuits topped with sausage gravy - Add 2 eggs for $2

Breakfast burger

Angus beef patty, choice of ham or bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese and garlic mayo

Breakfast fries

Crispy fries topped with grilled peppers and onions, ham, bacon, cheese sauce with two fried eggs

Gravy fries

Crispy fries topped with grilled peppers and onions, sausage gravy and two fried eggs

Breakfast sandwich

Two fried eggs, American cheese, choice of ham or bacon on toasted sourdough with grape jelly